Rob Conley

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Brazil for some meetings with our Latin America regional missionaries. The meetings we had were very productive and we traveled to visit several of the mission works in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Following are some random thoughts from that trip. Harvest—Brazil is seeing a harvest of souls. The churches we visited are growing and seeing many people come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. How exciting it is to see these churches truly grasp and own the Great Commission, even when they are yet mission works themselves. Many of the works are daughtering other churches. Please do pray for these churches, and the believers in them, as they seek to follow the Lord’s will for their ministries. Leadership—Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to visit all the churches and meet all the Brazilian leaders, but for the pastors and leaders that I did meet, I was exceptionally impressed. These men are very sharp, intelligent, educated, and most importantly, sold out and passionate for the Lord’s work. What a privilege to get to meet and spend some time with men like Lucas, Bill, Osmir, Elizeu, Jean, Celso Oliveira and John. Pray for these men, their wives and their families. The city of São Paulo—I went to college near Chicago, Illinois, and lived just north of Chicago for several years, so I have been around big cities. But never have I seen anything as large as São Paulo. The population is massive, but the square miles/kilometers that it covers are mind-boggling. The spiritual needs are overwhelming. Churrascaria—I had heard about these from others, but it is so hard to understand until you have been to one. For those who like steak, chicken, pork, and many other choices of meat, you would love a churrascaria. Just try to imagine an all-you-can-eat steakhouse with waiters bringing all the different choices to you on a spit/skewer. I just wish I could find one here in Nashville as reasonably priced. Hey, anyone for some more picanha! God bless!

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