Reaching the Nations in Our Neighborhood

Clint Morgan

Something has been running around in my head for some time. In the early days of missions, God called missionaries from nations where the gospel had penetrated and impacted the culture, and sent them to the most pagan countries in the world.

Many Free Will Baptists have been called by God and sent out by IM or other agencies. Through faithful prayer and ministry, over time, many of these nations saw great movements of God’s Spirit. Today these countries are sending out missionaries (for example Brazil, Cuba, Panama, and others).

But what is happening among the most resistant nations? What is God doing in or for those countries closed to the gospel?

Evangelical Christianity has reached an odd point in world missions. As late as the early 2000s, evangelical churches were sending 95% of their support to mission works already experiencing great response to the gospel and seeing strong national leadership emerge. What did we do with this disparity? We just ignored it, and it continues on.

Perhaps God, in His infinite wisdom, saw we were making a mess of it and decided to make it simple for us. If we, as believers from the United States and Europe, were not going to go to the resistant countries, He would bring them to us. That is exactly what is happening! It is as if God is saying, “I can’t make it any easier than this…you don’t want to go to the nations…No problem, I will bring the nations to you.”

So what is God doing among the nations? He is bringing them to our doorsteps, giving us a golden opportunity to take up the mantel where we dropped it and reach the nations that have come to us.

Pray to clearly see God’s plan for the nations (Revelation 7:9), and be moved to reach the nations in our neighborhood.

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