STRATEGY AND MISSIONS: Accountability and Reporting

Clint Morgan

As field missionaries work through the process outlined earlier in the series, they can track their progress each step of the way. Some lean more to extensive record keeping while others prefer the less detailed, broad stroke picture.

Advancement through this strategic process can be marked by keeping records of pertinent information, as people move from one step to another. However, it should be understood it is not obligatory to keep copious records because the real focus is on people, relationships, and bringing a message of hope to the lost.

Can you picture it unfolding? As missionaries develop a meeting place (for example, an English class) and 20 people show up, they build strong relationships with 12. They find ways to minister to their needs and develop opportunities to witness to eight of the 20. Six of these accept Christ and are discipled. These six gather to form the basis of a new church.

For many people, one of the primary arguments against strategy development is it appears to eliminate the direction of the Holy Spirit. I totally disagree with that premise. I can clearly see the Holy Spirit leading the missionary every step along the way, as well as preparing the hearts of unbelievers to receive the Good News of salvation.

It should cause no confusion to think the Holy Spirit does direct His people, even in the development and execution of a good strategy. The fact is, only under the leadership of the Holy Spirit do we at IM dare undertake the enormous task of preparing a strategy to “labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.“

This is part five in a series of five posts. Begin at the beginning here.

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