E-TEAM is a life-changing, short-term summer missions experience for students who have completed grades 10, 11, or 12.


  1. Know Jesus Christ as personal Savior
  2. Have a desire to share Christ with others
  3. Complete 10th grade prior to summer trip
  4. Parent or guardian approval
  5. Pastor recommendation
  6. Complete application process and be selected as team member

Apply Now

How can my spouse and I become E-TEAM leaders?

Married couples may complete a student missions leader application below or contact us at eteam@fwbgo.com.

Upon approval, the couple will be designated to a specific E-TEAM destination.

Leaders are expected to commit to the complete training period—both leader training and student training, as well as the entire time on field and re-entry process (about four weeks).

Watch this video from previous E-TEAM leaders.  Complete an application here.



E-TEAM stands for Eagleton-Teens Equipped and Active in Missions. Originally, it was just TEAM. Ken Eagleton, pioneer missionary to Brazil, began the program in 1992. After his death, the “E” was added in honor of him and his vision.

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