E-TEAM is a life-changing, short-term summer missions experience for students who have completed grades 10, 11, or 12.

How can my spouse and I become E-TEAM leaders?

Married couples may complete a student missions leader application below or contact us at eteam@fwbgo.com.

Upon approval, the couple will be designated to a specific E-TEAM destination.

Leaders are expected to commit to the complete training period—both leader training and student training, as well as the entire time on field and re-entry process (about four weeks).

Watch this video from previous E-TEAM leaders.  Complete an application here.



E-TEAM stands for Eagleton-Teens Equipped and Active in Missions. Originally, it was just TEAM. Ken Eagleton, pioneer missionary to Brazil, began the program in 1992. After his death, the “E” was added in honor of him and his vision.

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Timeline and Checklist

Please use this form as a guide to help you accomplish everything that needs to happen to make E-TEAM possible.  We will be sending emails and posting on our social media sites as other reminders of these deadlines, however this is your official notice regarding all deadlines.  Thank You.

  1. NOW!  
    • Apply for your passport if you do not already have one. This can take up to three months, so please apply right away!
  1. NOW!
    • Set up your online E-TEAM Profile:  Follow the instructions in your information packet for setting up your and then send the link to everyone you know! Post it on your social media sites, text it to your friends and family – get the word out!
  1. NOW!
    • Form a prayer team:  Five people who will commit to praying for you and the E-TEAM ministry
  1. NOW!
    • Write your leaders:  begin corresponding about what you need to be working on. Also stay in close communication with the E-TEAM staff and missionaries for important information.
  1. February 15 – One half of the required funds is due.
    • You can find our fundraising resources here and here.
  1. April 1
    • Passport due at FWBIM – Don’t forget to sign it first! ALL DOCUMENTS AND/OR VISA PAPERWORK IS DUE AT THIS TIME.
  •  DO NOT SEND YOUR PASSPORT THROUGH REGULAR MAIL!!!!  Please be sure to send your passport to us safely through Certified or Priority Mail (USPS), UPS, or FedEx. (See documentation portion of this packet for mailing address to use for FedEx, UPS or USPS)
  1. April 1
    • Medical Release Form and Waiver of Responsibility – MUST BE NOTARIZED. You can find these documents in your information packet and/or here and here.
  1. April 1
    • The Permission to Travel Form: Appendix 2 – MUST BE NOTARIZED. This document is personalized and will not be sent to you until your team leaders have been named. This document Must be signed by both of your parents or guardians and notarized.              
  1. May 1 – The second half of the required funds is due.

10. June 8 – Arrive in Nashville for E-TEAM training to begin


  1. Know Jesus Christ as personal Savior
  2. Have a desire to share Christ with others
  3. Complete 10th grade prior to summer trip
  4. Parent or guardian approval
  5. Pastor recommendation
  6. Complete application process and be selected as team member

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