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Rusty and Brenda Carney currently work in the Eastern Hokkaido area of Japan. They live in the town of Bihoro, and work with Japanese Pastor Ishii and his family as well as Nathan and Linda Snow and their family to encourage and strengthen the Bihoro and Abashiri churches. Both Rusty and Brenda teach English classes at the Bihoro church. Rusty is in a rotation to preach at both the Bihoro and Abashiri churches. However, their passion is to start works in towns that currently have little to no Christian witness. Pray for wisdom and direction as the groundwork for this is being laid.

Rusty, son of Randy and Rhonda Carney, was saved at the age of four in Thompsonville, Illinois. His father led him to the Lord at home one Sunday afternoon. From an early age he sensed God’s call on his life to be a missionary. He graduated from Ezra Christian School in West Frankfort, Illinois, in 1998. He answered the call to missions at age 19 after attending a service at Pittsburg FWB Church, in Pittsburg, Illinois, in 1999. He then went to Free Will Baptist Bible College where he met his future wife, Brenda Wendlandt, who also felt led to missions. He graduated from Welch College in 2003. He and Brenda were married on April 17, 2004.

Brenda, daughter of Dale and Joyce Wendlandt, was saved at an early age in Stigler, Oklahoma. It was at Eureka FWB Church Camp that she gave her life to the Lord and where later she answered the call to missions. March of 1996 she rededicated her life to the Lord at her home church, Lafayette FWB Church in Stigler, Oklahoma, and in June of that same year answered the call to misisons. After that, she enrolled at Welch College and started attending in the fall of 1996.

Rusty and Brenda ministered at Unity Free Will Baptist Church in West Frankfort, Illinois, where Rusty’s father, Randy Carney, was pastor. They were youth leaders and were involved in teaching children’s church, teaching teen class, music, and missions projects. They received final approval for missionary service to Japan from the Free Will Baptist International Missions Board on April 24, 2007.

Rusty and Brenda began their first term of service in 2008. They lived in Sapporo while in language school, then moved to the city of Ebetsu where they finished out their first term working with pastor Hirabuki in the Koinonia church.

The Carneys have three children: Grace Anne, born February 3; Kelton Roy, born August 28; and Katherine Joy, born July 27.

Rusty—Unity FWB Church in West Frankfort, Illinois
Brenda—Lafayette FWB Church in Stigler, Oklahoma

Updated August 24, 2016

Prayer Requests


  • Praise the Lord we made it safely bak to the States!!!
  • Praise the Lord during our last two days in Japan two different seekers (the pediatrician in Rusty’s English class, and a college student at the Abashiri church) made decisions for Christ!!! Pray for Pastor Ishii as he follows up with these new believers.
  • Thank the Lord for another Dr. in Rusty’s English class and our neighbor lady who said they are reading a little from the Bibles we gave them every night before they go to bed.
  • Pray for the Pastor Ishii and his family as they continue the work in Eastern Hokkaido.
  • Pray for our health as we have battled strep throat and stomach flu all in the past month.
  • Pray for safety on the road, and for our children as they are constantly having to adjust to new environments.

Updated Jan. 18, 2017


Rusty and Brenda Carney

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