“Home”…it’s such a special word. It can conjure emotions of comfort, safety, and peace. For missionaries, this word is elusive. Is home where we were born? Is it where we were raised? Is it where we live now? Sometimes it’s all three (and much more.) We landed in America, the country we’ve called “home” for most of our lives, on May 7, 2013. Over the next month we traveled through Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina visiting friends, reuniting with family, and thanking those who’ve faithfully supported us over the last four years. We finally settled in New Bern, NC on June 9th. We’re “home”…for now. Over the next year we will be traveling throughout the Southeast sharing our story. Our third child is due around November 27. Please pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery. Please also pray for us as we once again get accustomed to life in America. Here is our information for this next year: Joshua Crowe 1308 Kimberly Road New Bern, NC 28562 615-594-7612

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PRESENT MINISTRY Josh and Alicia were approved as career missionaries to Japan in April 2007. They live and work in Tokyo, Japan. CONVERSION Josh was born in Amory, Mississippi, and lived there until the age of 13, when he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated high school and attended one year of college at MTSU. He became a Christian while living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, at the age of 18. He transferred to Welch College and sat his first semester under Clint Morgan, who was influential in preparing Josh’s heart for a life of intercultural ministry. Alicia was born in Tarboro, North Carolina, and lived in New Bern, North Carolina. She became a Christian at a young age and sought earnestly to follow God’s leading. That leading eventually led her to speak with Donnie McDonald about possibilities of serving in Japan. She packed and moved to Hokkaido, Japan, for a two-year assignment. EARLY MINISTRY Josh and Alicia spent completed language school and worked with the Miharashidai Chapel in Sapporo during their first term. CHILDREN They have three daughters: Ruby, born December 4; Ellie, born April 6; and Josie, born November 20. HOME CHURCH Josh—Northwest FWB Community Church, Chicago, IL Alicia—Sherwood Forest FWB Church, New Bern, IL   Last Updated 3/31/16

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