June Missionary Balances

Deborah St. Lawrence

Antioch, TN—These missionary accounts remain underfunded and in need of additional monthly support.

As of June 30, 2017, five missionaries have deficit accounts:

India Ministries/Carlisle Hanna -$121,564.57
Nathan & Linda Snow -$36,612.71
Don & Ruth McDonald -$10,192.05
Jerry & Barbara Gibbs -$10,010.36
Tyler & Kellie Penn -$1,650.51

One of last month’s deficit accounts moved to “low and in need of additional support.” No new accounts were added to the deficit account list!  Give to one or more of these accounts now. However, last month, eight accounts were in the “extremely low” category.

Though not deficit, seven account balances are extremely low and in need of additional support: 

Neil & Mandi Morgan $ 1,537.09
Kenneth & Rejane Eagleton $ 3,778.71
Dennis & Carol Teague $6,511.74
Rusty & Brenda Carney $7,878.08
David & Angie Outlaw $9,588.88
Jaimie & Tammy Lancaster $10,403.33
Dale & Sandra Bishop $11,586.63