Mardi Gras Family Retreats in Brazil

Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton

Most Latin American countries with a Catholic tradition celebrate Carnaval (known in the US by the French name of Mardi Gras). It literally means a celebration of the flesh. This comes from the idea that during Lent (preparation for Easter) one must be on their best behavior. So prior to Lent, there is a generally accepted license to do whatever one wants. This is a time of much partying and sin is rampant.

To give believers an option, most evangelical churches prepare spiritual retreats of some kind. Most of our FWB churches in Latin America have done the same this year. I would like to highlight one of these retreats held by three of our churches in the central area of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It was held from Feb. 25th – March 1st at a school in the town of Antonio Carlos. The theme was “The Superiority of Christ in Hebrews”. During the mornings there were Bible studies and workshop activities for all ages. The afternoons were filled with sports, games, and fun activities. There were services in the evenings. The retreat ended with communion and feetwashing.

Approximately seventy people participated, over half of them for the first time. Many testified to the importance of the fellowship and time in the Word, away from the temptations of Carnaval. Enjoy the pictures that were posted on social media.

About Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton

The Eagletons are assigned to the country of Brazil where Rejane works in literature translation and Kenneth teaches at the seminary in Campinas and does church leadership development. Kenneth also serves as director of field partnerships.