Sept. prayer letter

September, 2009 Greetings! It’s been a while since we have communicated with you and a lot of things have been happening. The last time we were just vacating our house in Ebetsu, Hokkaido and continuing to live and work in Tokyo, filling in for Don and Ruth McDonald. God has been blessing the Good News Chapel FWB church. Believers have been “growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” One of the exciting happenings was the birth of our first grandchild on May 15th. Alexander Gregory was born to James and Jennifer Cornelius in Nashville, Tennessee and Grandma had to go see him. Grandpa wanted to go but already had other commitments. I enjoyed spending time with family. Doug and his wife Miriam live in the Nashville area, so on weekends I visited with them. During the week I stayed with Jennifer and James and helped with the baby and the house. Kevin was able to visit for a couple of days and so three of the children were together. Then at a family reunion in Alabama, Doug, Miriam, Jennifer, Alex and I were able to see Jeffery. Another exciting thing going on at almost the same time was Dale’s research trip with Deputy Director of Field Operations, Jeff Turnbough. For the first two weeks of June they were in China, Laos and Myanmar along with ELIC Overseas Director, David Addington. They were working on expanding a partnership with ELIC and FWBIM as well as researching opportunities for non-traditional church planting. They visited several schools and meeting places and talked with many people and ate some interesting foods. You’ll have to ask Dale to tell you about it when you see him. The 24th of August we moved back to Hokkaido until November when we will be returning to the States for Stateside Assignment. The McDonalds arrived back on the 17th of August and have resumed their ministry with Good News Chapel FWB Church. Be in prayer for them and the church during this time of transition. We are thankful to have Brother Bob MacGill and his wife Sue from California here again to help with a siding project. The mission center is in need of some major repairs. Dale, Nathan Snow and Bob will be doing the work. Pray for Good News Chapel FWB Church and the McDonalds during this time of transition. Pray that the believers will continue to grow and reach out to their friends and families. Pray for us with more transitions still to come. Pray for our family. Pray for the kingdom work going on in other parts of Asia. Pray that things will go smoothly and safely as the siding project continues. As always, we covet your prayers for the ongoing outreach, Bible studies, sermons, personal evangelization and counseling in which we are involved. Sunday one of the believers was sharing her problems in dealing with an unbelieving family after the death of her father. Pray that we will give wise counsel and that she will listen and follow the teachings of God’s Word. Thank you for your support and prayers. See you soon. May God richly bless you! Dale and Sandra Bishop


PRESENT MINISTRY Dale and Sandra arrived  in the States for stateside assignment on March 8. The Bishops have served in Japan planting and strengthening churches since September of 1975. Japan missionaries formed two distinct teams to increase their effectiveness in 2000. The Bishops became a part of the Hokkaido Team. While seeking new avenues of outreach, they worked with the Miharashidai Free Will Baptist Church, in Ebetsu (Pop. 123,000, a suburb of Sapporo) which was started in 1995. In 2008, they ministered in Tokyo with the Good News Chapel FWB Church while the McDonalds were on stateside assignment. Following their own stateside assignment, the Bishops worked in Saitama at Kamifukuoka FWB Church, filling in for the Baileys. A large part of their ministry continues to be nurturing Christians in the different churches in Japan. Ministry opportunities include preaching the Word, teaching Bible, women and children's ministries, evangelism through teaching English, American cooking classes, and cultural exchange. Dale became Asia Regional Director in January 2004. His areas of responsibility involve leadership development, oversight and accountability, and strategy development and implementation. His role gives him opportunity to develop partnerships with Free Will Baptists throughout Asia. CONVERSION Dale was saved at 14 years of age during a revival meeting in the church his father pastored. After graduation from high school he attended Welch College. During this time, due to his participation in missionary prayer band and Foreign Missions Fellowship, he responded to the Lord's call to missionary service. Sandra grew up in a Christian home and was saved at the age of seven. She first heard of missions through CTS materials. Through this literature, youth camps and contact with missionaries, Sandra felt the Lord calling her into foreign missions service. Further study at Welch College confirmed the needs and her commitment. EARLY MINISTRY As unmarried students, Dale and Sandra were part of the Good News Team that went to Japan in 1972 to work and witness at the Winter Olympics. They were married after returning to the States. In September of 1973, they went to Missionary Internship training in Detroit, Mich. While there, they ministered in the Southgate FWB Church in Southgate, Mich. After completing Missionary Internship in 1974, Dale and Sandra were officially appointed to the field of Japan. During their first term, the Bishops labored at Kita Hiroshima Chapel, as well as Airin Chapel. Dale and Sandra spent most of their second term working with national preacher Ben Abe at the Higashi Tsukisamu church. At the beginning of their third term, in 1985, the Bishops started a new work in Nopporo, Ebetsu. In addition to the ministry with the Koinonia FWB Church, Dale assisted at four other churches and worked with an evangelistic singing group. He also provided invaluable assistance to Pastor Kawasaki in the construction of the Ai no Sato church. The Bishops spent their several years establishing Koinonia FWB Church and training leaders through the Free Will Baptist Bible Institute sponsored by the church. Dale taught FWB doctrine and history. Sandra began teaching in a local high school to make more contacts in the community. While acting as advisor to the Koinonia Church leaders, Dale and Sandra also began working with the Hokkaido Team in the Miharashidai Church (a new church plant). The Koinonia Church was turned over to a Japanese pastor in 2001. Dale continued to teach at the Bible institute. As a means of outreach, Sandra, in addition to responsibilities at home and at the church continued teaching English in a local high school. Following stateside assignment in 2004, Dale and Sandra returned to Miharashidai Church and helped with two other churches in the Sapporo area. They spent most of 2008-2010 in Tokyo, ministering at two newer churches, Good News Chapel and KamiFukuoka FWB churches. Regional director responsibilities took them to China, India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar as well.In 2010, another ministry opportunity opened in the Kanto area at the Kamifukoka church plant. Over the last few years, the Bishops have served primarily in the central area of Hokkaido. They have worked with five of the six churches in the Sapporo area, supporting pastors and church ministries. CHILDREN The Bishops have four children: Jeffery, born October 24; Kevin, born February 13; Douglas, born November 9; and Jennifer, born January 25. Jeffery, A Georgia Tech graduate, works and resides in Georgia. Kevin attended Valdosta State University and presently lives and works in Colorado. Doug is married to Miriam (Hardin). Approved as career missionaries to Japan in 2015, Doug and Miriam have three children. Jennifer, a Welch College graduate, married James Cornelius, and they have two children. HOME CHURCH Corinth FWB Church, Brookfield, Ga. Updated March 28, 2016

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