The Cuban Church in a Glance

Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton

The annual Cuban Convention of Free Will Baptists met the last week in February. Over 500 people attended at least some part of the Convention. Most of the churches reported to the Association business meeting and from these reports we can glean the following statistics that show where they are.

  • Ordained pastors – 56; non-ordained pastors – 49
  • Deacons – 153
  • weekly average attendance – 4,269
  • Organized churches – 50; mission churches – 83; Total = 133 (3 or 4 churches did not send complete statistics).
  • Students in training = 123 (14 resident seminary [Bible College] students; 39 studying in 3 extensions; 70 studying in Bible Institute classes in 8 churches).
  • Conversions = 166
  • Baptisms = 75

About Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton

The Eagletons are assigned to the country of Brazil where Rejane works in literature translation and Kenneth teaches at the seminary in Campinas and does church leadership develoment. Kenneth also serves as regional director for FWBIM for Latin America and Africa and manages the partnership agreements with Panama, Cuba, and Côte d'Ivoire. The Eagletons are currently on stateside assignment and reside in Tennessee.