Tokyo E-team 2015

Donnie and Ruth McDonald

Special kids events and homestays highlighted the June 18 -30 Tokyo E-team ministry. The team ministered in all 3 Tokyo area FWB churches. Both indoor and outdoor children’s activities along with English classes provided golden opportunities for relationship building in the churches. A two night homestay allowed the e-team members to shine the light of the Gospel into the very homes of Japanese families. Sessions designed to teach aspects of Japanese culture were included as well as ventures into the heart of the downtown Tokyo area to sense the masses of Japanese still unreached by the Gospel. A prayer walk adjacent to one of the churches enhanced the understanding of the spiritual needs of the local communities. The e-team members returned to the states with a greater understanding of the needs of the FWB Tokyo missionaries and names of numerous friends from which to continue the gospel witness through social media.

About Donnie and Ruth McDonald

The McDonalds work with the Good News Church in the Tokyo area. Their goal is to help this church plant develop national leadership and a permanent building in the near future.

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