Hotline Prayer Requests

We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

April 18, 2018

Uruguay: Praise God for the 60 young people who attended the Easter weekend youth camp in Uruguay. Several of the youth accepted Christ as Savior. Pray each of these students will maintain their commitment and grow in their faith.

India: Please pray for Brother Carlisle Hanna as he struggles with immense pain from shingles, backaches, and headaches. Ask God to relieve the pain. Pray for grace and strength for each day.

Bulgaria: Rejoice with the Trifonovs and the Varna congregation over recent growth in attendance. Ask God to protect the church as it grows and to give Trif and Vanya wisdom as they lead. Pray the April 26 lecture by Christian astronomer Todor Velchev on “Are We Alone in the Universe” will be well-attended and open hearts to the gospel.

Persecution: Pray for those persecuted for their faith. Recently, Christians in our oldest area of work were beaten and chased from their land, crops, and homes because of their faith. Ask God to supply their every need, help them persevere in adversity, grow stronger in their faith, and rely on Him.

Japan: Praise God for the growth in understanding of the students in the Hope Alive English Bible study in Sayama. Pray each attendee will realize they need a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for the new Hope Alive study to begin in the Tokorozawa City area that begins on Sunday, April 22. Ask God to direct Heath and Joni Hubbard’s invitations to people whose hearts are ready to hear the gospel.

Bulgaria: Pray—as Jonathan and Amy continue their monthly “gatherings” this Sunday, April 22—Christians will be encouraged and strengthened in their faith. Pray nonbelievers will understand the gospel, see their need of Christ, and accept Him as Savior.

Russia: Praise God for the work the Bible institute in Chelyabinsk continues to do in training leaders for Russian churches. Pray for pastors and their families to be encouraged and edified through this ministry.

France: Pray for the JPENSE team (Dennis and CarolJoel and Lydie, and David and Mimi) as they prepare for their next JPense event on April 27. Ask God to give them energy, organizational skills, clarity, and volunteers.

Stateside: Churches across the United States (and around the world) emphasize international missions during the month of April. Ask God to burden hearts for the millions of people who have never heard the Way of salvation, never seen a Bible, or never heard the name of Jesus. Ask God to prompt people to give generously to the World Missions Offering on April 29.

India: Continue to pray for Pastor Evan Guha and his wife Binita. Binita continues to undergo therapy while living with her parents. Praise God for the progress she has made. Ask God to return her to full strength, physically and mentally. Pray for Pastor Evan as he seeks to fulfill his responsibilities to his family and to those under his spiritual care. Pray for Evan’s mother and sister as they care for the couple’s newborn. Pray the communities around these families will see God’s love and grace demonstrated as the church ministers to them.

Bulgaria: Josh and Lydia Provow and their family (Naomi, Phoebe, Zoe, and Malachi) return to Bulgaria on April 25. Pray God will provide a home to rent in Shumen that will meet their needs, be reasonably priced, and give them good opportunities to reach people with the gospel. Pray He will continue to give comfort and peace as they mourn the death of their teammate Radi.

France: Pray for Robert and Judy Bryan as they prepare to leave France on April 30. Pray all will go well as they load the container on April 24. Pray for the seven men and three women for whose salvation they (and many of us) have prayed for years. Pray especially for Justin who says he is close to a decision and meets with Robert one more time on Sunday, April 22. Ask God to break down any barriers. Pray for the church council as they prepare to lead the congregation.

Cuba: Dr. Katiuska (appointed by the Cuban Church, along with her family, to work in the hospital in Ivory Coast) had her request for permission to leave the country denied. She will restart the process. Pray for this family to not be discouraged, and for a change of heart in the powers that be.

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