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We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

October 11, 2017

Globally: During Pastor Appreciation Month, pray for pastors around the world. Ask God to protect them emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Pray for strength, contentment, passion, faithfulness, and joy. Pray for perseverance, comfort, and peace in the midst of persecution.

Uruguay: Praise God, the church in Malvin Norte, Montevideo, decided to call a Cuban pastor to lead their congregation and revitalize the work. Give Him thanks that the congregation isn’t waiting for Pastor Yosvanys and his wife Anita to arrive, but are moving forward with renewed energy and purpose.

Samburu: Pray for Victoria Little as she prepares to depart for Kenya tomorrow, October 12. Ask God to calm any nerves, comfort her as she says goodbye to family and friends, give her good flights, help all her luggage arrive with her, and assist her as she adjusts to Kenya.

Bulgaria: Today, Amy begins a weekly English club for children in grades four through six. Pray, through this English club and other weekly activities, they will be able to build relationships and share the Hope that is within them.

France: This Sunday, October 15, the St. Sébastien church council meets to discuss the vision, future, etc. of the church. Pray for wisdom for all involved. Ask God to guide Robert and Judy Bryan as they seek to help the congregation move from missionary pastor to self-governing. Pray for Jonathan, Guillaume, Clément and Michêal and their wives as they grow in their leadership capabilities and seek God.

Educational Specialist: Stanley Outlaw, father of educational specialist David, had quadruple bypass surgery October 4. Although his heart seems to be doing well, excessive pain and other issues have kept him in the hospital. Ask God to give medical personnel wisdom and insight.

Globally: Remember to pray for those suffering from the disastrous hurricanes (and other disasters) as they attempt to rebuild their lives. Pray those involved in meeting physical needs will also provide good spiritual aid and counsel. Ask God to use the devastation to bring large numbers of people to a knowledge and acceptance of the gospel.

Ongoing needs

Brazil: Pray for the Marincek congregation in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, as they seek a pastor. Ask God to give them wisdom, unity, and clear direction.

Spain: Pray for God to work through the political tension in Spain as Catalonia moves to secede. Pray for wisdom for political leaders and an end to the violence.

Cuba: Pray the Cuban government will grant Dr. Katiuska’s (the doctor who wishes to serve in the Doropo Hospital in the Ivory Coast) paperwork. Ask God to move in the hearts of government officials so she and her family can travel and begin work in Doropo.

India: Our Free Will Baptist people and churches in North India continue to suffer from intense flooding and additional rain. Thousands have died in North India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, entering eternity without hearing the name of Jesus. Ask God to be merciful and give non-believers opportunity to hear and believe the gospel. Pray unbelievers will be drawn to know Christ, as Christians exhibit a peace that passes understanding in their suffering. Pray God will meet needs so Christians can bless others through His provision.

Spain: Ask God to provide a larger worship space at an affordable price for the Esperanza FWB Church in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Praise God for the growth of the congregation! Pray they will continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Word, as well as in number. Ask God to give wisdom to Pastor José Manuel Parrón, Neil and Mandi Morgan, and the rest of the congregation.

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