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We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

January 17, 2018

Mission Family: Physical needs among the Mission family:

Jean Deeds, former missionary to Brazil, has bile duct cancer and Alzheimer’s. Pray for Jean and her husband Earnie. Ask God to demonstrate His presence and give peace.

Mirial Gainer, former missionary to Japan, had a light stroke and continues to recover at home.

Joe Haas, former missionary to France, has had at least six surgeries (including amputations) in the last few weeks. The doctors have been unable to find the right antibiotic to treat the infection. Pray for Joe and Barbara.

IM Board Member Will Harmon suffered a stroke in his right eye. Pray the injections he is receiving will stop the bleeding and restore vision. Pray for wisdom and healing.

Don Robirds, former missionary to Brazil and former director of public relations for the Mission, had a stroke before Christmas. Pray for his complete recovery.

Eddie Simmons broke his toe in early December. A cast caused swelling and pain. Pray for healing. He is also struggling with an eye issue creating pain and vision problems. He is seeing doctors in Nairobi.

Katie Speer’s pregnancy means she can no longer receive eye injections. Ask God to use the treatment received or His own miraculous power to fully restore her eyesight. Pray for a healthy pregnancy.

Bulgaria: Pray for Jonathan and Amy as they seek to plant a church in Pleven. Ask God to direct them to people whose hearts and minds are ready to hear and accept the gospel. Pray more people will be interested in participating in Bible studies. Ask God to give Jonathan and Amy wisdom as they plan, talk to people, and invite individuals to join in Bible studies or attend various meetings.

France: Pray for a young woman in a discussion group with Mimi Reeves in France. The lady has indicated she knows she needs to become a Christian but has yet to make a decision. Pray the Holy Spirit will continue to work in her heart as she transitions from the discussion groups to a Bible study.

Uruguay: Praise God for the continued healing He is working in Tammy Lancaster’s body. In the last week, she has driven short distances and performed tasks alone. It has been almost three years since she’s been able to drive. Pray God will completely restore her physically and mentally.

France: Praise God for the baptism of a Chinese student at the Nantes church. Ask God to continue to strengthen her faith.

Cuba: Pray for Dr. Robert Picirilli, Dr. Neil Gilliland, Dr. Danny Baer, Josh Baer, and Sam McVay as they travel to Pinar del Rio, Cuba, January 22, for a pastors and leaders retreat at the Cedars of Lebanon Seminary. Pray for the preparation of each of the speakers. Pray the five-day retreat will strengthen and encourage pastors and leaders.

Uruguay: Steve and Lori Torrison and their daughters, Melanie and Abby, are preparing to return to the States on Friday, January 19. Pray for safety as they travel and an easy transition for everyone, especially the girls.

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