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We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

June 21, 2017

Ramadan: The annual Muslim holy month, Ramadan, began on Saturday, May 27. Today is day 26 and the month of prayer ends on Sunday, June 25. Today’s prayer focus is on what Muslims call Laylat al-Qadr or Night of Destiny. Many Muslims spend more intense times in prayer during these last few days of Ramadan, seeking a special closeness to God. Ask God’s Spirit to intervene, drawing Muslim people to Truth and an understanding of Jesus’ atonement.

Japan: Katie Speer arrived in the States June 10 to see a retina specialist for her eye. Praise God, she does not have toxoplasmosis (so no danger to Analeigh). She received the first of multiple injections into her right eye last Wednesday, June 14, to mitigate the effects of a subretinal neovascular membrane rupture. These are to occur at five- or six-week intervals. Pray the treatment will be effective. Ask God to give Daniel and Katie peace and wisdom as they seek God’s direction. Pray His grace will be sufficient to meet all their needs.

Spain: The Alpedrete church will host a “Festival in the Park” on Saturday, June 24 in Alpedrete. Pray the games, craft, and photo booth will give church members an opportunity to introduce individuals and families to the church and share the gospel.  Pray for good weather. The church begins its annual five-day vacation Bible school program on Monday, June 26. Pray many children from the park outreach will attend. Also, pray for Alejandro Johnson who leaves Spain for the States on June 26 to participate in Truth & Peace.

France: Pray for a young woman who is attending Bible studies on Friday nights, but clearly fails to recognize she is a sinner in need of salvation. Ask God to work in her heart, convicting her of sin and convincing her of her need of God’s grace.

E-TEAM: Twelve E-TEAMs (Haiti, Brazil, Chicago, Cuba, Panama, Japan, France, Uruguay, Nashville, Côte d’Ivoire, Kazakhstan, St. Croix), comprised of 122 students and 23 leaders, are in the midst of ministry. Ask God to give them energy, strength, creativity, flexibility, and grace. Pray for an amazing outpouring of God’s Spirit as these E-TEAMs serve and help missionaries and other workers make contacts. Keep up with E-TEAM news as they blog here. Teams return next Tuesday, June 27. Pray for safe flights and good connections for all 12 teams.

Samburu: Pray for the drilling team to sense an urgency to arrive and begin drilling. Ask God to provide an abundance of clean, fresh, salt-free water. Pray for rain. Praise God for the 11 men and four women who trained earlier this week to become trainers for storying the gospel. Pray God will spread His Word among the Samburu and many more will come to know Him. Praise Him for more than 900 new followers of Christ. Pray they will grow in their faith and understanding.

CMP: A team of college students ( Jacob Austin, Welch College, FL; Keren Delgado, Welch College, AR; Stacey Doggett, Truman State College, MO; Kylee Edgmon, Welch College, TN; Summer Elliott, Welch College, Canada; Jonathan Lewis, Welch College, IL; Nickolaus Linn, Tulsa Community College, OK; Tyler Sanchez, OK; Deborah Trifonova, Welch College, Bulgaria; and team leaders Mark and Jacquelyn Lancaster) departs for Bulgaria on June 27 for almost two weeks of ministry in Varna. Ask God to use the music, English, and sports camp to introduce young people to the gospel. Pray these students will sense God’s presence and direction in their lives.

Mission: General Director Clint Morgan is in Japan. Pray his time with missionaries will be productive and encouraging. Pray for rest during the journey and clarity of thought as he speaks to leaders and in church services. Pray for his safe return on June 28.

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