Hotline Prayer Requests

We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

February 22, 2017

Bulgaria: Ask God to draw women to the Bread House event in Pleven on Saturday, February 25. Ask God to guide Vanya Trifonov as she teaches the skill of making bread and points the women to the Bread of Life.

India: Brother Carlisle Hanna still has not heard from the Indian Embassy concerning his visa. Ask God to provide favor as the paperwork is processed. The annual Free Will Baptist conference in Sonapur is scheduled for mid-March. Brother Carlisle says, “They are making plans and pray the money will be released for that need before then.” Ask God to provide in miraculous ways for our Indian brothers and sisters so others will see God’s provision and glorify Him.

Cuba: Cuba’s 75th convention of Free Will Baptists is scheduled for February 24-26. Pray the three-day event will bring glory to God, strengthen and encourage Christians, and lead to the spread of the gospel. Pray for Regional Director Kenneth Eagleton as he travels, attends, participates in services, and discusses our partnership with Cuban leaders. General Director Clint Morgan, Rejane Eagleton, and former missionary Steve Lytle are also attending the 75th celebration.  Pray the Cuban Church will have clear direction from God, be kept free from distractions, and seek to live holy lives. Pray God will receive honor and glory from all that is done.

France: Pray for E, a member of the St. Sébastien congregation, as she faces breast cancer surgery on March 6. Ask God to give her peace and joy in the midst of this storm. Pray her husband will see God’s hand at work in all that occurs.

Côte d’Ivoire: Pray for a new mission work in the village of Guiwile, where five people accepted Christ as Savior. Ask God to continue to give people the vision to go to areas where the gospel is not known.

Educational Specialists: Praise God for the opportunity Ariadna Riesgo had to lead a five-hour CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) training session on Saturday, February 18. Ask God to continue to call to mind all that was taught so the Hispanic workers will be better able to work with children in their local church and neighborhoods.

Panama: Summer is drawing to a close in the southern hemisphere. Pray all the events—youth camp, women’s retreat, vacation Bible schools, etc.—will encourage and strengthen Christians and introduce non-believers to Christ.

Uruguay: Praise God, more than 25 children attended the VBS at the Emanuel FWB Church, February 16-18. Pray these children, and others will attend children’s church as a result of this event.

Samburu: Praise God for some rain that fell in Samburu-land. Ask Him to continue to provide showers. Pray for the Simmons as they seek government approval to drill wells and build an airstrip. Praise Him that Amanda was given the approval to provide limited medical care.

Mission Family: Missionary kid Adam Morgan and his wife Genny expect to deliver twin girls tomorrow, February 23, in Colombia, South America. Pray for safety for mom and girls. Pray also for Lynette Morgan who is there to welcome her grandchildren and help Adam and Genny.

Carnaval: Carnaval, a weeklong party filled with immorality, runs February 24-March 1 this year. Churches in Brazil, Panama, and Uruguay will hold family camps and retreats during Carnaval celebrations. Pray for safety of travel to and from these events. Ask God to protect Christians from the extreme cultural and peer pressure to participate in immoral Carnaval activities. Pray for discernment and purity. Ask God to bless the camps, using them to build integrity, faithfulness, a desire to please God rather than people, and a deeper understanding of the Word.

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