Hotline Prayer Requests

We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

June 20, 2018

Brazil: Pray for Pastor Clóvis and his wife Cristina as they work to plant a church in Boa Esperança in northeastern Brazil. On Saturday, June 23, they plan to hold festivities celebrating Jesus Christ to give people an alternative to the traditional Catholic idolatrous celebration of St. John. Pray this outreach will not only exalt Christ but will also turn people from idolatry to faith in Jesus Christ.

Samburu: Praise God for the professional recording of 143 primary New Testament passages (more than 1200 verses) in the Samburu language. Pray, as the Scripture is distributed on solar MP3 players, Christians will be discipled and unbelievers will hear and understand the gospel. Pray for Eddy Simmons as he continues to battle knee and hip issues.

Partner Ministry: Pray for those teaching English overseas as they complete their school year, grade papers, and meet with students. Pray they will finish their year with excellence. Ask God to provide rest during the summer break, opportunities to enjoy time with family and friends, any additional financial support needed, and renewed enthusiasm for their ministry.

CMPA team of college students (Maebre, Jonathan, Kylie, Debbie, Danielle, Maddie, and Daniel with leaders Mark and Jackie) departs for Bulgaria next Tuesday, June 26, for two weeks of ministry in Varna with Trif and Vanya Trifonov. Ask God to use the music, English, and sports camp to introduce young people to the gospel. Pray for these students will sense God’s presence and direction in their lives.

Spain: Pray for Tim and Kristi Johnson (and Alejandro and Ana) as they prepare to return to the States next Wednesday, June 27, for a six-month stateside assignment. Ask God to guide conversations as they meet with friends, give grace as they complete ministry projects, and wisdom as they pack and prepare for stateside ministry.

Cuba: Praise God, Cuba’s health department released Dr. Katiuska (approved by Cuban Church to go, along with her family, to work in the hospital in Ivory Coast) last week. She may now apply for a passport and visa. Ask God to work through this process. Thank Him for this immense step in the process.

India: Continue to pray for Pastor Evan Guha and his wife Binita. They have a follow-up visit to the doctors in Vellore, South India, on Tuesday, June 26. Pray for safety as they travel. Continue to pray for total healing for Binita. Evan’s mother and sister continue to care for Baby Ryan. Ask God to provide the needs of each member of this family.

Bulgaria: Pray for Josh and Lydia Provow and their children as they settle in an apartment in Shumen. They moved from Svishtov on Monday, June 18. Pray the house they are purchasing for ministry and home will close soon so renovations can begin. Ask God to guide them to people whose hearts are ready to hear the gospel.

Student Ministry: Ten E-TEAMs (Brazil, Chicago, Cuba, France, Hokkaido and Tokyo, Japan, Nashville, Panama, Uruguay, St. Croix), comprised of 96 students and 20 leaders, are in the midst of ministry. Ask God to give them energy, strength, creativity, flexibility, and grace. Pray for an amazing outpouring of God’s Spirit as these E-TEAMs serve and help missionaries and other workers make contacts. Keep up with E-TEAM news as they blog here. Teams return next Tuesday, June 26. Pray for safe flights and good connections for all the teams.

Global: Pray for those being persecuted for their faith in Christ. A Central Asian country that has previously experienced relative freedom has pending legislation to greatly limit religious freedom amid a mass media anti-church propaganda campaign. Ask God to work through government officials to allow the gospel to spread to those who haven’t heard it. Pray pastors and others suffering for their faith will remain strong, encouraging others and demonstrating hope in the midst of struggles.

Bulgaria: Amy began a weeklong children’s English camp on Monday, June 18. Praise God for how well it has gone thus far. Pray it will finish smoothly, help solidify relationships with parents, and bolster Jonathan and Amy’s influence in the community.

Hispanic Ministry: Pray for Ari Riesgo as she continues her nursing studies in Puerto Rico after missing a week to help her husband Lázaro with E-TEAM Cuba. Pray her time with the students made a difference in their lives. Pray she will catch up quickly and other nursing students will see God’s grace and work in her life.

Spain: Pray for Neil and Mandi Morgan and their girls as they continue to readjust to life in Spain. Pray God will help them reconnect with friends and English class students, guide them as they plan and prepare for future projects, and provide good health. Continue to pray for the Alcalá de Henares church as they seek a larger location.


Mission Family: Pray for former missionaries struggling with a variety of health problems: Florine Coscia (Brazil), Jean Deeds (Brazil), Ledgel and Sharon Ferguson (Ivory Coast and France), Howard (Howdy) Filkins (Ivory Coast), Mirial Gainer (Japan), Joe Haas (France), Bessie Richards (Ivory Coast), Paul and Amy Robinson (Uruguay; Paul turns 93 today), and Don Robirds (Brazil, IM office).

Uruguay: Ask God to move in the visa approval of the Cuban couple Yosvany and Anita who desire to work with the Malvin congregation in Montevideo, Uruguay. Their visas are sitting on a desk waiting for someone to review them.

India: Continue to pray for Brother Carlisle Hanna’s health. Praise God the shingles rash has dried up. Ask God to relieve the remaining pain. Pray for grace and strength for each day, as well as wisdom.

France: Pray for the St. Sébastien church council as they lead the congregation. Ask God to give them unity and wisdom. Pray the church will continue to grow, both spiritually and numerically. Pray for those from Robert and Judy Bryan’s list of people who need Christ, especially those meeting with Christians to seek the truth.

Japan: Pray for Daniel and Shelby Culwell and Jack and Ashley Ketteman as they study, learn, and prepare for their internships in Japan at CIT in North Carolina. Ask God to use this time to strengthen their team dynamic, lessen the effects of culture shock, and train them for church planting overseas.

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