Hotline Prayer Requests

We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

April 26, 2017

Stateside: Churches across the United States (and around the world) emphasize international missions during the month of April. Ask God to burden hearts for the millions of people who have never heard the Way of salvation, never seen a Bible, or never heard the name of Jesus. Ask God to prompt people to give generously to the World Missions Offering this Sunday, April 30.

Partners: Pray for Jeff and Susan Turnbough as they seek to raise funds for their ministry with ITA (International Training Alliance). The Leadership Matters Course trains leaders and missionaries around the world, helping them become better leaders, ministers, and mentors. Ask God to give them wisdom.

India: Brother Carlisle will undergo procedures to alleviate his constant back pain next week. Ask God to give him relief and strength. Continue to pray for Carlisle Hanna’s visa to be granted in God’s way and time. Ask God to demonstrate His power and ability to work through governments opposed to Him.

Bulgaria: Pray for Josh and Lydia Provow as they explore ministry opportunities in other areas of Bulgaria. Ask God to give them wisdom and insight. Praise Him for the many people who entered New Life FWB Church and heard the gospel while the high school cultural exchange team from Trinity School (Greenville, NC) served in Svishtov.

Samburu: Praise God for the young people hearing the gospel as Eunice shares the Bible through chronological storying. Several have accepted Christ as Savior, including three young warriors. Ask God to work in their hearts and help them recognize the weapons of truth, holy living, and an upright walk with Christ surpass any earthly weapons.

India: Praise God for 10 people baptized in India on Good Friday. Ask God to help them continue to grow in faith.

Japan: Doug and Miriam Bishop plan to return to Japan on May 25. Praise God for supplying the funding they need to serve and minister in Japan. Ask God to meet their every need as they hold final services, complete last-minute tasks, say goodbyes, and pack. Pray especially for Miriam and her pregnancy. Ask God to keep both her and the baby healthy.

Spain: Praise God for six adolescents (ages 12-14) beginning baptism preparation classes at the Alpedrete Church. Ask God to plant His Word deep in these children’s lives.

France: Pray for the election of a new French president on May 7. Ask God to move hearts and minds to elect the person He deems best. Pray freedom of religion will grow and many French people will seek God.

India: Pray for Wesley RajKumar, a pastor in South India, who is experiencing eye problems. Ask God to use the injections in his eye to heal him, so he can continue to read and share the Word with others.

France: David Reeves arrived in France for his two-year internship. Pray he will adjust quickly and easily to French culture and make progress in language learning. Pray for good team dynamics and a clear understanding of his role on the JPense team.

Globally: Pray for missionaries as they continue to build relationships and seek opportunities to share the gospel with people who have no understanding of redemption through Jesus. Ask God to give clarity of speech as they lead discipleship studies, Bible and English classes, Mommy and Me groups, and a number of other weekly events designed to draw people to Christ. Pray hearts and minds will be open and responsive to the Spirit’s prompting.

Japan: Pray for Mr. A., an older man who attends weekly Bible studies with Ken and Judy Bailey. Mrs. A., a believer recently diagnosed with cancer, made the decision to not undergo radiation or chemo. Mr. A. is struggling with his wife’s decision. Pray God will use these circumstances to draw Mr. A. to Christ.

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