Hotline Prayer Requests

We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

July 11, 2018

Côte d’Ivoire: Pray for the family of Pastor Kouamé Philippe Fakéyé who passed away unexpectedly while attending a meeting in Doropo, Côte d’Ivoire. Pastor Philippe led the Koumassi FWB Church in Abidjan. Ask God to give comfort to the congregation, as well as family and friends. The funeral will be held August 4 in Agnibilekrou.

CMPThe CMP Bulgaria team (Maebre, Jonathan, Kylie, Debbie, Danielle, Maddie, and Daniel with leaders Mark and Jackie) returned late last night, July 10. Praise God for the children who attended the Vacation Club for Kids (July 2-7) in Varna. Pray their hearts will yearn to know more about the gospel. Pray for Trif and Vanya Trifonov as they continue to reach out to these families.

Mission Family: Curt Holland’s 75-year-old father Howard Holland was hospitalized last night, July 10, in Joplin, Missouri. He experienced a heart attack, underwent a balloon procedure, and had two stents placed. Ask God to bring complete healing and a swift recovery.

Uruguay: Pray for unity and wisdom during a meeting of Uruguay’s Free Will Baptist church leaders next Wednesday, July 18. Ask God to give guidance and direction as they discuss the vision for and future of ministry in Uruguay.

Spain: Pray for the Esperanza Church in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. After selling their overflowing storefront location, they have been unable to locate an adequate new facility. Some people are no longer attending services and discouragement is evident. Ask God to provide a perfectly located, well-maintained facility with room for this congregation to grow. Pray for stamina and encouragement for Pastor José Manuel who works a full-time job while leading this congregation. Pray for Neil and Mandi Morgan as they seek to support his ministry and encourage believers.

Japan: Donnie and Ruth McDonald and their daughter Caroline arrive in Nashville, Tennessee, today, July 11, for stateside assignment. Ask God to ease their reentry to the States.

India: Continue to pray for Brother Carlisle Hanna’s health as he recovers from a bad cold and prepares to return to India on July 22. He will immediately apply for a new visa. Ask God to move his request through the proper channels quickly. Pray the government will issue a long-term visa that will remove the stress of constant reapplications. Pray for grace and strength for each day, as well as wisdom.

The Hanna Project: Chris and Tori and their children (Ellie and Eli) returned to the States last week on July 4. Pray, as the family continues to readjust to the States, God will meet their needs.

National Association: Pray for the National Association of Free Will Baptists, meeting July 22-25. Pray God will be honored and glorified by Impact Little Rock on Saturday, July 21; business sessions; seminars; worship services; children’s and youth events; etc. Pray those speaking in services and seminars will encourage and edify the Body of Christ.

Bulgaria: Pray for the church camp being held this week in Bulgaria. Ask God to use it to strengthen Christians and challenge non-believers to understand what it means to be a Christian. Pray even as our missionaries work hard during the week, they will also be refreshed and energized.


Mission Family: Pray for former missionaries struggling with a variety of health problems: Florine Coscia (Brazil), Jean Deeds (Brazil), Ledgel and Sharon Ferguson (Ivory Coast and France), Howard (Howdy) Filkins (Ivory Coast), Mirial Gainer (Japan), Joe Haas (France), Bessie Richards (Ivory Coast), Paul and Amy Robinson (Uruguay), and Don Robirds (Brazil, IM office).

Uruguay: Ask God to move in the visa approval of the Cuban couple Yosvany and Anita who desire to work with the Malvin congregation in Montevideo, Uruguay. Their visas are sitting on a desk waiting for someone to review them.

Cuba: Praise God, Cuba’s health department released Dr. Katiuska (approved by the Cuban Church to go, along with her family, to work in the hospital in Ivory Coast). She may now apply for a passport and visa. Ask God to work through this process. Thank Him for this major progress. 

France: Pray for the St. Sébastien church council as they lead the congregation. Ask God to give them unity and wisdom. Pray the church will continue to grow, both spiritually and numerically. Pray for those from Robert and Judy Bryan’s list of people who need Christ, especially those meeting with Christians to seek the truth.

India: Continue to pray for Pastor Evan Guha and his wife Binita. Continue to pray for total healing for Binita. Previously a financial manager for a large bank, she currently cannot care for her baby. Evan’s mother and sister continue to care for Baby Ryan. Ask God to provide the needs of each member of this family. Pray He will receive honor and glory as the family travels this difficult road.

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