Hotline Prayer Requests

We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

May 24, 2017

India: Carlisle Hanna received his visa and hopes to leave for India next week with his son Dr. Don Hanna accompanying him. Ask God to grant them traveling mercies and to give Brother Carlisle stamina and grace for the long journey. Pray for Brother Carlisle’s health. Continue to pray for his sister, Mrs. Angie Haselden (91), who is basically bedridden.

Mission Family: Pray for a quick recovery for Rob Conley (Mission office) as he recuperates from ACL/MCL surgery on May 12. He has had multiple reactions to medications. Pray Victoria Little’s (Samburu people group) therapy is productive and successful (ACL tear surgery May 5). Pray for Katie Speer’s (Japan) health. She discovered last week that she has ocular toxoplasmosis, an infection by a parasite. Toxoplasmosis can be passed to a baby prior to birth. Ask God to give the Speers peace as doctors determine whether this parasitic disease is present in Analeigh. Anthony Edgmon injured his knee while playing basketball and will undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus on Friday, May 26. Pray for former missionary to Ivory Coast Jimmy Aldridge who fell last week and hit his head. Ask God to grant healing as he goes through rehab. Pray for all our former missionaries as they age and face health challenges.

France: Praise God for the safe arrival of Dennis and Carol Teague from France. Ask God to help them recover from travel quickly and to readjust to the States with minimal difficulty. Pray for a smooth and productive stateside assignment.

Samburu: Pray for Eddy and Amanda Simmons as they prepare for another food distribution among the Samburu next week. Praise God for His provision through many donations to make this food available. Pray many more of the Samburu will accept the Bread of Life as they hear the gospel while waiting for their food supplies. Pray for Jackson, the Simmons’ partner in ministry, as he trains future leaders for the work. Pray for protection from snakes (cobras, puff adders, vipers). Pray for rain; it is a desperate need. Pray deep, productive wells will soon be drilled and available to the people.

Brazil: Praise God for the 76 women who attended the Marincek Church’s mother/daughter banquet. Ask God to be with church members as they reach out to a number of unsaved attendees as well as many who attended the church as children but no longer are involved.

Student Ministry: This week pray especially for members of E-TEAMs Haiti (Melissa Alvis, PA; Madelyn Burks, OK; Kodey Coon, OK; Erin Harvey, MI; Kylah Kivette, TN; Tanner Stringer, KS; Victoria Thomsen, TN; Madison Weathers, TN; Ashten Winter, IL; Madelyn Wright, AL; and team leaders Daniel and Courtney Radley, NC), St. Croix (Benjamin Barcroft, IL; Alli Bonnemma, AR; Emma Bowen, TN; Korry Burr, OK; Bayley Floyd, SC; Kaliesha Garrison, MO; Isaiah Grimes, PA; Korie Hawthorne, TN; Kaitlyn Minton, TN; Emily Myers, OK; Michael Anne Pennell, SC; Lauryn Suggs, AL; Hunter Williams, NC; and team leaders Chad and Paula Kivette, TN), and Ivory Coast (Greyson Craghead, OK; Jace Dixon, OK; Autumn Elliott, Canada; Jakob Gates, TN; Meridith Parrish, NC; Isaiah Penn, IN; Marisa Strickland, NC; Juliana White, TN; and team leaders Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton, Brazil). Pray OAs Dalton Alvis, PA (serving with the Provows in Bulgaria, May 29-July 19), and Haylee Willis, NC (serving with the Prices in France, May 30-June 16), will gain a full picture of missionary life and be challenged to greater involvement in the Great Commission. Pray students who lack funds for their summer mission trips will be fully funded soon. Pray God will work in the students’ hearts and minds to prepare them to serve Him fully during training and cross-cultural ministry.

Cuba: Several from the group (Ariadna Riesgo, Elizabeth Hodges, Judy Trail, Keila Delgado, Judy Lytle, and six Panamanian women) who traveled to Cuba for the women’s retreat have been ill. Ask God to give strength, recuperative rest, and healing. The group returns on May 30.

Japan: Doug and Miriam Bishop return to Japan tomorrow, May 25. Pray God will give them smooth flights and easy transitions as they shepherd three young children through airports. Pray especially for Miriam and her pregnancy (due July 29). Ask God to keep both her and the baby healthy. Pray the family will adjust quickly and easily to Sapporo.

Globally: Ask God to give wisdom and guidance as missionaries “live life” with the people of the countries they serve. Pray conversations over coffee; in parks as children play; during basketball games, bike riding, and rock climbing; at markets, picnics, Bible studies, English clubs, etc. will yield eternal dividends. Pray as they and other Christians visit nursing homes or orphanages, minister to immigrants and the displaced, or serve the poor and suffering, God will be glorified and His love clearly displayed. Pray God will direct them to people whose hearts are ready to hear, understand, and accept the gospel.

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