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We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

December 6, 2017

Mission: Ask the Lord to provide wisdom and discernment for the International Missions Board as they meet today and tomorrow (December 6-7). Pray discussions will be thoughtful, insightful, and Spirit-led. Pray decisions made will reflect divine wisdom, guidance, and grace. Pray for good health for all board members and staff.

India: Pray for Carlisle Hanna’s son Dr. Don Hanna as he ministers in India. Ask God to give him strength and wisdom as he meets with pastors, evangelists, and church planters; treats patients; and teaches the Word. Pray for safety as he travels. Ask God to be with Brother Carlisle as he prepares to return to India December 27.

Mission: Praise God, Anthony and Lea Edgmon (Spain) and Heath and Joni Hubbard (Japan) have received financial clearance to return to their host countries. Pray for them as they complete stateside tasks and services, celebrate Christmas with family, say goodbyes, and prepare to transition overseas. Pray missionaries with struggling accounts will experience God’s provision. Pray those serving overseas will not be distracted by account needs during this time.

Spain: Pray for Neil and Mandi Morgan as they prepare to return to the States on December 16. Ask God to help them complete tasks well. Pray for their children as they finish the school year and prepare to transition.

Partners: Pray for those serving overseas as teachers. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to explain their faith and hope and joy. Ask God to give open doors and open hearts.

Japan: Pray for Judy Bailey and her opportunity to teach weekly English lessons to a young mother. The family will move to Los Angeles, California, in March, due to a job transfer. Pray, as Judy teaches English, the young woman will recognize her need for Christ. Thank Him for several mothers who have joined the “Mommy English Class,” prior to the regular Mommy and Me class for preschoolers.

France: Becky Riggs had surgery on December 5 to repair a macular hole in her right eye. The surgery went well and she is recovering at home. Ask God to give complete healing as she spends the next 48 hours with her head bent forward.

Japan: The Good News Church in Tokyo, Japan, has saved money for several years to buy a suitable building for services. An opportunity to purchase a home and remodel it has risen. Ask God to lead and direct in the process of investigating this opportunity and to smooth the way, if this is His will. Pray for wisdom for Don and Ruth McDonald as they lead this congregation.

Globally: As in the States, many people, who normally will not attend church services, attend Christmas activities. Pray attendees will hear and accept the message of God’s magnificent gift of salvation wrapped in His Child. Pray Christians will clearly demonstrate God’s love, joy, and grace as they interact with those around them. Praise God for those who have already heard the gospel message. Pray they will nurture the seeds of Truth and seek Him.

December 8

Sapporo, Japan: Doug and Miriam Bishop host a Christmas party for college students in their home

December 9

Pleven, Bulgaria: Amy hosts a women’s Christmas party for believers and non-believers

Alpedrete, Spain: The Alpedrete Church presents a Christmas program in the Alpedrete cultural center called “¿Qué es la Navidad?”  (“What is Christmas?”).

December 10

India: Christmas services

Bihoro, Japan: Miharashidai hosts high school Christmas party

December 11

India: Christmas services

December 12

India: Christmas services

December 13

India: Christmas services

Alpedrete, Spain: A group from the Alpedrete Church visits a nursing home in a nearby town, sharing songs and a message, as well as small gifts for the patients.

December 14

India: Christmas services

December 15

India: Christmas services

December 16

India: Christmas services

December 17

Pleven, Bulgaria: Third monthly gathering in Jonathan and Amy’s home; theme: “Jesus—the Light of the World”; will invite people to begin a Bible-reading plan in January

Châteaubriant, France: Church Christmas party (at 3 p.m.) with Christmas carols and buffet

India: Christmas services

St. Sébastien, France: Christmas service and fellowship meal

Alpedrete, Spain: The Alpedrete Church presents a Christmas program in the cultural center of the nearby town of Moralzarzal called “¿Qué es la Navidad?”  (“What is Christmas?”).

December 18

India: Christmas services

December 19

India: Christmas services

December 20

India: Christmas services

Tokyo, Japan: Judy Bailey’s Mommy and Me Christmas party

December 21

India: Christmas services

Tokyo, Japan: Judy Bailey’s Iriso Christ Church English and Bible Class Christmas party

December 22

India: Christmas services

Alpedrete, Spain: Group of adults sings Christmas carols at senior citizens’ center in Alpedrete

Alpedrete, Spain: Youth group visit nursing home in Collado Mediano to sing Christmas carols and present a program

December 23

India: Christmas services

Sapporo, Japan: Doug Bishop speaks at Koinonia Church’s Christmas party

December 24

St. Sébastien, France: Christmas Eve service

India: Christmas services

Tokyo, Japan: Kamifukuoka Christ Church Family Christmas

Alpedrete, Spain: Christmas Eve service featuring intergenerational worship with families sharing songs, testimonies, and communion together

December 25

India: Christmas services

December 26

India: Christmas services

December 27

India: Christmas services

December 28

India: Christmas services

December 29

India: Christmas services

December 30

India: Christmas services

December 31

India: Christmas services

January 1

Tokyo, Japan: New Year’s Day Worship service at Kamifukoka Christ Church

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