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We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

September 13, 2017

Europe: Vacations end and schools resume in Spain, France, and Bulgaria. Bible studies, outreach activities, etc. also resume. Pray Christians will enthusiastically re-engage in church, Bible studies, and ministry. Ask God to draw non-believers back into relationships with believers, Bible studies, and other activities that will draw them to Jesus.

Côte d’Ivoire: Pastor Alphonse Daga of the FWB Church in Talahini, Ivory Coast, baptized two people—a man and a woman—on Sunday, September 10. Praise God for those making a public stand for their faith. Pray they will continue to grow and point others to Christ.

The Hanna Project: The Kenya team (Sam McVay, TN; Randy Sprenkle, MO; Ricky Carroll, AL; Cameron Lane, AR; and Geofrey Lubambula, AR) arrived in Barsalinga in time to participate in the food distribution to 600 families on Tuesday, September 12. The team has begun work on building an airstrip and a soccer field. Pray for health and safety.

Mission Family: Bessie Richards, former missionary to Côte d’Ivoire, was hospitalized in Springfield, Tennessee, on Sunday, September 10, with congestive heart failure. Ask God to give her comfort and strength as fluid is drained and doctors perform tests.

France: A JPENSE event is scheduled for this Saturday, September 16. Ask God to guide Joel Teague as he addresses the topic “If God exists, where is He? What is He doing in this world?” Pray all those involved in setup, hospitality, music, follow-up, and ministry on every level will be used of God to plant seeds and help non-believers see Christ. Pray many non-Christians will attend and recognize and understand the truths of the gospel.

Cuba: Hurricane Irma slammed Cuba as a category 5 storm. According to Kenneth Eagleton, director of field partnerships, Free Will Baptists in the Havana area are all safe. The roof of the Guanabo Church was damaged and Havana is still without electricity and water. The hardest hit areas are still without communication. Pray God will sustain them and meet every need.

France: Matt and Cristina Price and their daughters Madeleine and Emilie arrived in the States September 5 for stateside assignment. Pray for them as they settle in; adjust to new routines, climate, language, and culture; begin homeschooling; and start traveling. Ask God to give them safety as they travel. Pray for receptive hearts and minds as they speak in churches and other venues.

Brazil: Praise God, Pastor Alexsandro Fernandes of the First FWB Church in Uberlândia, Brazil, baptized four people on Sunday, September 10. Pray their lives and testimonies will lead others to Christ.

Japan: Continue praying for Daniel and Katie Speer and their daughters Audrey and Analeigh. Katie’s eye injection this past Friday, September 8, went well. Pray these injections will restore her eyesight. Audrey has an MRI scheduled Monday, September 18, to give doctors a better idea of how to address her ongoing medical needs. Pray for wisdom for medical professionals. Pray the Speers have an awareness of God’s presence and guidance in all circumstances.

Ongoing needs

Brazil: Dr. Kenneth Eagleton underwent back surgery, September 5, in Nashville, Tennessee. Pray for complete healing and relief from pain.

Uruguay: Ask God to give insight and wisdom to the church in Malvin Norte, Montevideo, as they seek a pastor to lead their congregation and revitalize the work. Pray for unity and a clear direction for this group of people.

Brazil: Pray for the Marincek congregation in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, as they seek a pastor. Ask God to give them wisdom, unity, and clear direction.

Cuba: Pray the Cuban government will grant Dr. Katiuska’s (the doctor who wishes to serve in the Doropo Hospital in the Ivory Coast) paperwork. Ask God to move in the hearts of government officials so she and her family can travel and begin work in Doropo.

India: Our Free Will Baptist people and churches continue to suffer from intense flooding from the monsoon rains. Thousands have died in North India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, entering eternity without hearing the name of Jesus. Ask God to be merciful and give non-believers opportunity to hear and believe the gospel. Pray unbelievers will be drawn to know Christ, as Christians exhibit a peace that passes understanding in their suffering. Pray God will meet needs so Christians can bless others through His provision.

Mission Family: Pray for the family of Leah Postlewaite: daughter Ruth McDonald (Japan), grandson Jonathan Postlewaite (Bulgaria), granddaughter Katie Speer (Japan), and three other children (Joe, Sue, and Sam) and their families. Ruth, Donnie, and Caroline McDonald returned to Japan on Monday, September 11.

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