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Josh Miller

Our church never participated in the WMO that I know of until I came 8 years ago. I decided to get the youth involved by challenging the boys against the girls in raising funds for the whole month with the coin banks. On the last Sunday (WMO) we allowed adults to help them out by giving (instead of receiving a regular offering) and made it a lot of fun. We report each week who is ahead and create an atmosphere of excitement for them. After April we have a pizza party for them and the losers serve the winners. Last year we pitted the junior youth against the senior youth. In 8 years we have raised well over $10,000 for WMO through our youth. Last year we loaded our bus (because we met our goal) with youth and adults and took a tour of the FWB Headquarters and International Missions offices. That really made an impression on our people. That has carried us much farther than just receiving an offering ever would!

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